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If you’ve already wrapped your car and want to customize your look further or give yourself more protection, window tinting is the way to go. We offer window tinting near you, right here at our shop in Vancouver, Washington. A new look is waiting for you! Tinted car windows look sharp, offer privacy, guards your interior from fading and protects your skin by blocking UV rays. If you already have window tint but it is discoloring, cracking, fading or peeling, it is time for an upgrade. Your ride needs to look sleek.


Window tinting is the process to make your windows darker. A scratch-resistant thin film is used which is often made from a polyester base, and we adhere it to the inside of your vehicle’s windows. The purpose of tinting as described above is to provide your car or vehicle with more protection and make it safer. Car windows generally are made to be strong, but the additional laminate tinting film applied to the windows will function as an extra guard on the glass in the event of a crash or if something hits the window.

Our professionals are completely trained and ready to handle all your window tinting needs. We have years of expertise offering auto window tint services and understand how to provide the quality, long-lasting results your car deserves. Get window tinting today!


Your vehicle’s glass windows are tinted with a thin film layer that blocks out the harmful rays of the sun. The film is applied to the glass’s interior side to lessen your car’s UV radiation, heat, and glare. It also offers privacy for passengers inside your vehicle. Window tinting is applied to the inside of the car’s glass window and can be either dual-coated or single-coated.

Single-layer window tints offer just enough defense from UV rays while also leaving the windows partly transparent, so you can still see through them. Other single-coated shades are dim enough to offer your car privacy from strangers outside when you are parked at night. Some are lighter in color, so they do not hinder visibility when driving.

Meanwhile, dual-coated window tints provide even more passenger and driver comfort protection. It blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays that cause skin damage and infrared heat that cause discomfort during hot summer months. These dual-coated window tints provide better visibility than the single layers as they let some light through but not as much as clear glass does. It makes it simpler to see while driving at night without causing glare from headlights behind you.

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We can thank technology for all of the cool window tinting film and choices we have. Depending on what you need, your goal, or a certain concern you want to address, there is a tint film waiting for you, and our team has it! From the basic dyed films down to the most advanced ceramic films, we provide you with the best options accessible in the market. Reach out to our window tint experts and discuss your goal and budget with us today!

Car window tinting or vehicle window tinting provides your vehicle with more than just cool colored windows. Window tints can make a difference in protecting your vehicle. Having a luxury car can mean attracting extra attention. By having tints you can forgo some of the less desired exposure a sweet ride can bring. Here are some of what tints can do for you.

UV Protection

Protection from sunlight is essential since UV rays can be dangerous. You are prone to them even when you are inside your car. Research also shows that UV light penetrates un-tinted window glass easily, recommending that passengers in vehicles with clear glass are exposed to radiation. Installing car window tints isn’t just a want, it’s a need!

Continuous exposure to UV rays causes more than simply sunburn. It could also put a person at a higher risk of skin cancer. When driving out in arid landscapes, you will need a more efficient way of blocking radiation from your window. Our car window tints can be your best answer, so make sure you call our team today to find out more!


At a time when cases of car theft and fatal accidents are increasing at an alarming rate, car owners require added protection. Fortunately, modern technology has made window film more durable and stronger than ever. Its shatter-resistant features will help keep your belongings and family safe. On top of making theft nearly impossible, tints safeguard passengers during unfortunate incidents by serving as an adhesive that keeps the shattered glass windows together.


Our car window tinting team recommends auto window tint for reasons other than interior comfort, aesthetics, and UV protection. It is also a practical way to accomplish privacy in your vehicle. Privacy window film protects you and your passengers and conceals any belongings you leave inside the vehicle.

Car tint installation does not take longer than a day. You can spare that one day to install tinted glass windows, which will keep you, your passengers, and your stuff from prying eyes. Let our specialists take care of a window tint installation for you. We also pay close attention to detail, ensuring you get your money’s worth and a perfect finish each time.

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