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If you are ready to upgrade the look of your vehicle, custom wraps will do just that. Our custom wraps shop is right near you in Vancouver, Washington. We provide impeccable designs, good pricing and quality workmanship. Complex car paint jobs are a thing of the past. With our modern materials and technology today, we can make your luxury vehicle truly stand out with our immaculate custom wraps. Interested in getting wrapped?


Custom wraps are beautifully designed wraps that you can get done on your vehicle. You can choose to get them on your car, van, motorcycle, or bus and have them wrapped for personal or business reasons. Customized wraps make your vehicles stand out and feature the design you like displayed on your ride. The extra layer of film over your vehicle will also protect it. Our team of professionals will help you find the ideal solution of custom car wrapping for your needs. We offer competitive pricing, amazing customer service and perfect installations. Need your vehicle to wow the crowd?


If you are wanting to change up your vehicle’s look and feel, we are here to bring your ideas to reality with a free pre-work consultation. Once we begin the job, our skilled and talented graphic designers will make an incredible image of the design on each bend and curve of your vehicle for maximum visibility. Our team is committed to giving each vehicle a new look with our custom decals. Professional installation methods guarantee that every edge of the film is concealed and invisible from the outside viewpoint. We only utilize the best quality materials from the best brands in the industry and provide you with an installation guarantee. Schedule a free evaluation with us today!

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Once you decide you want us to do your custom wraps for you, our process is simple. We start by having you pick a template you want to use for your design so that you have control over your look. Out of an assortment of pre-designed templates, you can choose one that you love, and we can further customize it from there. We also offer the option of full custom template design where we create it for you from scratch. It all depends on what your vision is for your design.

Once we decide on a template, we will next choose the background. The main element of any custom wrap is the background, which draws attention to the car featuring the wrap. You can pick from a library of photos our team provides, or you can upload your graphic or image. You can also pick to use a solid color or a color gradient as the background for your car wrap, especially if you feel one of those is more suitable for your marketing purposes.

You can then include extra design elements. This is the process that makes your custom wrap design come together. During this step, you can add more images or graphics to your wrap and add any text you like the wrap to feature. Ensure you include the name or any other information you want to include.

The final step is marking the design as finished and confirming that you have the rights to use all the imaging and design elements featured on your custom wrap. After that, we can design your wrap and attach it to your vehicle. Custom wraps are not just an excellent way to market your business. They also enable you the freedom to outfit your vehicle with whatever design style you wish.

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