Vehicle Wraps


Wanting to change the appearance of your car, motorcycle, bus, van or truck? Vehicle wraps are the way to go! We offer vehicle wraps in Vancouver, Washington and have a local shop right near you. We have multiple customizable wrap options using industry leading brand materials. Whether it is 3M, Cheetah Wraps, Inozetek, or KPMF we will provide your vehicle wrap service using top quality materials. Ready to get your vehicle wrapped?


If you are looking for a local vehicle wrapping expert near you, we are your shop. Our local shop can personalize and change the look and feel of your car and make it more unique and polished. When you choose a vehicle wrap for your motorcycle, truck, or car, you can be confident that the color will never fade, and your vehicle will be protected for years to come. Vehicle wraps can include animation, 3D graphics and advertising opportunities. If you are searching for color conformity within your fleet, then wrapping all your vehicles in vinyl will be simpler than painting each one separately. Ready to get your vehicle wrapped?


We start our vehicle wrap process by asking you to provide us with your design ideas (social media links, website URL, logo, if commercial) and images of your car so we can design the ideal look for your car. The information you provide will be converted into an incredible design by our team of graphic experts. The entire process will take a few days to finish. To guarantee your total satisfaction, your designer will offer you at least three revisions if you like changes or details included. If you have any questions at all before or after the process, we are here to help. Our Vancouver, Washington shop is open Mon-Sun from 9am-10pm.

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Color Change Vehicle Wraps

Are you searching for a quick, reasonable, and dramatic way to transform the color of your vehicle? Then a color change vinyl wrap is the perfect solution for you. Our team focuses on the installation of color-changing wraps, not to mention we have a broad spectrum of finishes and colors to choose from. Our professional installers will apply your wrap straight to the car’s original paint and thus, you can be rest assured your car will be well protected.

Custom Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

A custom wrap can offer you a customized final touch and a unique look; from creative pinstriping to carbon fiber accents. We have a variety of looks for our customers’ vehicles. We provide custom vehicle wraps, focusing on the “art of the painted surface.” We’ve also worked on numerous types of cars, including planes, boats, trains, trucks, and cars. All our wraps are made with waterproof vinyl, which is free of UV inhibitors, and they are also durable and a long-lasting solution for promoting and protecting your vehicle!

Vehicle Wraps

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